10 Reassuring Things Every Person With A Mental Illness Wants To Hear

Thought Catalog

Loving someone with a mental illness takes a lot of work. It is a labor of love, and neither the labor nor the love are easy all of the time. There are moments when the burden seems too heavy a load to carry — particularly when all you want is to take away the pain at whatever cost so the sufferer can feel some relief. In a moment of weakness, or at the onset of an episode, someone with a mental illness may feel isolated, humiliated, and ashamed, and the response of those who are available for support is crucial to seeing the sufferer through to other side.

In my experience with PTSD and the anxiety and depression that accompany it, the simple act of having someone who will listen, comfort, and reassure me have been, in part, the things that have given me the strength to not give up…

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